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The Mirror and The Sea - Excerpt 2 - preview James Gordon Anderson
Valence 5 - preview 1 James Gordon Anderson
Aerial B2 - DJ Set - preview 2 James Gordon Anderson
The Mirror and The Sea - preview 16 James Gordon Anderson
The Mirror and The Sea - preview 17 James Gordon Anderson
The Mirror and The Sea - preview 14 James Gordon Anderson
Leviathan | the Lens Of Dreaming Sound Ascendant - preview 3 James Gordon Anderson
Valence 5 - preview 3 James Gordon Anderson
Boundary Conditions - Machine Prophets Mix James Gordon Anderson
Aura Sensor 012 James Gordon Anderson
Future Magnetic - Pure + Applied Mix James Gordon Anderson
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M A S   P R O J E K T O R

F U T U R E   P A L A C E   O F   U T O P I A N   P L E A S U R E S

The Mirror And The Sea    The Sound Of Satellites In The Lake Of The Stars    Edenic Tableaux    Sensory Utopias    Seismic Sonographs    Primal Image    The Lens Of Dreaming Sound Ascendant    The Universal Symmetric    Sonic Seismographs    Universal Synthetic    Morphia Assemblage    Modular Meta Collage    Crowd Monoliths    Sensory Peace Kit    Machine Spirits    Inapproximate Projections    Unity Prints    Polychoral Emblems    Stardust Mantras    Future Doubles    Obsidian Nectar    Cosmic Enigma    Tenement Cathedrals    Deep Space Poetics    Anima Matta    Maelstrom / Alsatia    Armies Of The Fearsome Plain    Tensor Mosaics    Atlas Drift    Mirage Enconium    HelioCathedrals    Ocean Therapy Control Fugue    Collapsible Synthetics    Future Magnetic    Surface To Air    Mountain Occasions    In The Deep Wood    Leviathan    Animal Satellites    Ghost Particles    Astral Catalogues    Machine Prophets    Impossible Sky   

|   A b o u t   T h e   P r o d u c t i o n   |

Mas Projektor is a futuristic musical odyssey and multi sensory landscape conceived & developed by composer & producer James Gordon Anderson.

Live streams, downloads, digital subscriptions and audio-visual media from the project are launching throughout 2017-18.

In its final form, Mas Projektor has been distilled into 10-15 sets lasting between 75-90 minutes each.

Each set utilises distinct soundworlds and musical approaches encompassing sustained and atmospheric instrumental meditations, massive experimental electro-acoustic collages and maximalist improvisations, hybrid dance and electronica, and intimate post-classical minimalism

The project is the culmination of composition, recording and production begun in 2008, and integrates earlier musical material from as far back as 1995.

Performances and transmissions are supported with the launch of Isotope : the project's dedicated streaming & download platform. Isotope utilises transformative realtime technologies purpose-built for the production.

  I s o t o p e :  
M a s   P r o j e k t o r ' s   S t r e a m i n g   +   D o w n l o a d   P l a t f o r m

Isotope is Mas Projektor's dedicated streaming and download platform.

Isotope presents an exciting range of streaming and download channels across a spectrum of hybrid musical genres, integrating and extending the range of transmission and distribution outcomes for live performances, DJ sets, digital initiatives & online media which comprise the project.

Subscribe for $5 per month via Paypal, and get exclusive access to high quality streams of LiveSets, individual tracks & DJ Sets, plus special Livestreamed Events & premium quality Downloads.

The service is currently in beta and will receive a full launch mid 2018.

Continuous improvements and innovations include implementing the highest quality streaming formats and delivering studio quality 24-bit and 32-bit audio downloads as part of the service.

M a s   P r o j e k t o r   S e t   T i t l e s

T H E   M I R R O R   A N D   T H E   S E A
T H E   S O U N D   O F   S A T E L L I T E S   I N   T H E   L A K E   O F   T H E   S T A R S
M I R A G E   E N C O N I U M
F U T U R E   M A G N E T I C
L E V I A T H A N   /   T H E   L E N S   O F   D R E A M I N G   S O U N D   A S C E N D A N T
A T L A S   D R I F T

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